Transition to Named User Subscription vs. Network Licensing

BricsCAD® is available in single, volume and network licenses, as a subscription or as a perpetual (permanent) license.

Autodesk® has made a public announcement that states from August 7, 2020, on your next subscription renewal, you can trade each of your network licenses for two “named user” subscriptions.  

For customers leveraging network licenses today, migrating to a named user licensing scheme will be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal.     

Consider these points

Autodesk®: Transition to Named Users

Bricsys®: Flexible Licensing Benefits

Starting August 7, 2020, Network license users can trade-in one network license for two named user subscriptions on their next renewal

Bricsys offers single, volume and network licenses. You can buy them (perpetual) or rent them (subscription)

Named user licenses are linked to a single, “named” user; e.g. “”

BricsCAD licenses are linked to the company that owns them, not to an individual user

Named user licensing means that companies will need to purchase Subscriptions for every user who uses the software - even for casual use

BricsCAD network licenses can float across a corporate network, covering both dedicated and casual users

Administering named user plans puts an additional load on CAD Managers and IT staff

There is no additional administration required to manage BricsCAD licenses

If you support more than two (2) users with a current network license, you will need to purchase additional subscriptions, at an increased price over last year

Bricsys offers an optional low-cost Maintenance program to keep your perpetual software licenses up-to-date. We offer real choice in CAD software licensing


Named user licenses are tied to an individual user in your organization. Only the named user can access the software. If they aren’t using it, it sits idle. Legally, it can’t be shared.

BricsCAD flexible licenses aren’t tied to a user. They are linked to the company that owns them. BricsCAD network licenses can float across your network, to serve both dedicated and casual users. If an employee joins your firm, or leaves your firm, there’s no need to re-assign their license to a new user.

Important questions to ask yourself about the Autodesk® offer

In addition to the two Subscriptions you’ll get per network license you trade in, how many more will you need to cover your casual users?

How many new subscriptions will you be forced to buy in this conversion to named user licensing?

How much IT effort will be required to manage the creation of user accounts? How much effort will you need to expend to manage user turnover?

What’s the smart choice?  

Switch to BricsCAD, and you’ll control your license choices

BricsCAD is available as single, volume and network licenses – subscription or perpetual – the choice is yours

Single License

Volume License

Network License

One key, usable on up to two computers

One key, usable on many computers

Manage licenses on your corporate network

BricsCAD license keys work on:

All available languages

All available platforms

All around the world