Network Licensing vs Named User

Is your CAD vendor telling you they have a great deal in store for you? Have you heard that on your next subscription renewal, you can trade each of your network licenses for two “named user” subscriptions?

If you support more than two (2) users with a current network license, you will need to purchase additional subscriptions, at an increased price over last year.

You’ll have to navigate the change from network to named user.

You’ll need to create on-line accounts for every CAD user, casual or dedicated.

You’ll need a subscription for every user – even if they use the software only occasionally.

It means that your yearly costs will increase for the next eight (8) years, and then go to “full price”. What will “full price” mean in eight years?

For customers using network licenses, migrating to a named user licensing scheme will be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. Why?  

Ask yourself...

How many new subscriptions will you be forced to buy in this conversion to named user licensing?

How much more will you need to pay, each year, for these additional subscriptions?

What will the IT effort be to manage the ever-changing pool of named user accounts?

What's next?

Change to BricsCAD

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